I try to share my knowledge through classroom lectures, holding regular and open statistical consulting sessions, and online writings. I believe that presenting complex ideas in an understandable way is a difficult art that takes a lifetime to master. I am trying to master this art by constantly adapting my teaching based on quick and honest feedback gathered mostly by harnessing the anonymity offered by the Internet, and keeping the feedback to adaptation cycle short.

Classroom teaching
I taught a full graduate level course on probabilistic models in civil engineering (CEE 203) at Stanford University during my Ph.D. At Stanford I also served as a teaching assistant for another graduate course on structural reliability (CEE 204) and an undergraduate course with a lab component on mechanics of materials (CEE 101A). As a postdoctoral associate I continue to give guest lecture on earthquake engineering and application of probability and statistics. I have been invited as a guest lecturer in graduate level courses on risk analysis (CEE 5984), and geotechnical aspects of earthquake engineering (CEE 5584) at Virginia Tech.

Official student evaluations for the course CEE 203 that I taught at Stanford are attached below.
Student comments · Individual evaluation forms · Aggregate evaluation scores

Statistical consulting
I served as a consultant for the free and open statistical consulting service offered by the department of Statistics at Stanford University. As a statistical consultant I helped students, researchers, and professors at Stanford working in diverse fields like humanities, science, engineering, medicine, business, and law. I enjoyed the experience of working on problems from a diverse range of fields, and decided to continue helping people with probability and statistics questions. At Stanford I served as a statistical expert helping students in the John A. Blume earthquake engineering center, and helped several friends from other academic departments. I continue to offer advice to researchers working on diverse set of problems at Virginia tech by holding regular open office hours.

Online writings
I plan to experiment with using Internet as a medium to share my knowledge. I am planning to develop a Blog as a platform to share preliminary research results, and answer frequent questions that come up in class and during my open consulting sessions. The inherently interactive and open nature of the web allows us to share information a wide audience and can augment classroom teaching. I plan to continue blogging and expand my use the Internet to communicate research findings to the general public.